Our partners

ALLTEST Instrument Developing Lp

Our company is a spin-off micro-enterprise founded by two private individuals in 2015. Its aim is to develop several Civil Engineering measuring instruments using smartphone applications. The company's capital is HUF 3 million (10 thousand EUR). According to our plans, the company transforms to Ltd and develops and distributes the developed products.

In the framework of the GINOP2.1.7.-15-2016-00179 project, which was won in 2017, the Hungarian Government and the Union have enabled them to implement the project "Dynamic compactness and Bearing capacity measurement prototype development" developed for the SMART-BC smartphone.

The prototype under development SMART-BC (SP-LFWD) is world-class in the construction industry. A single instrument replaces several earlier different instruments using a new theory and new measuring method, replacing the previous environmental pollution, isotope measurement. With a single smartphone instrument, a 12-bit geotechnical parameter can be defined, which provides significant information to the Contractor, Engineer.

We are designing many other SMART instruments and devices that can be implemented with the dynamic propagation of XXI century ITC technology.


CSL Plasma Debrecen

  • Address: H-4029 Debrecen, Csapó str. 42. 1st floor
  • E-mail: debrecen@cslplasma.hu
  • Phone: + 36/80/630-153
  • Website: http://plazmadonor.hu  



Deloitte Hungary

Deloitte provides audit, tax, advisory, enterprise risk and legal services (in Hungary legal services to clients are provided by cooperating law firm, Deloitte Legal Szarvas, Erdős and Partners Law Firm) to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. With a globally connected network of member firms in 150 countries, Deloitte's 200,000 professionals help clients succeed wherever they operate.

  • Address: 1068 Budapest, Dózsa György street 84/C.
  • Phone: + 36 1 428 6800
  • Website: www.deloitte.hu


Duna House - Franchise Partner – DeHome Ingatlan Ldt.

  • Office: 4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 42.
  • Phone +36-52-789-505
  • Fax: +36-52-799-371
  • E-mail: csapo42@dh.hu
  • Website: https://dh.hu/en



  • Main office: H-1053. Budapest, Veres Pálné u.4-6.
  • Phone: +36 (1) 275 8965
  • Website: www.eupharmaltd.com
  • E-mail: office@eupharmaltd.com


Hungast Vital Ltd. 


  • Address: H-1143 Budapest, Ilka u. 31
  • Phone:: +36 1/8010-900 


  • Regional Operational Directorate
  • Address: H-4029 - Debrecen, Csapó u. 42.
  • Phone: + 36 52/537-315
  • Website: www.hungast.hu


Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Training Centre Ltd.


INT-Solution Ltd.

Our company provides intelligent HR solutions: staffing for temporary and permanent placements in all industries, knowladge outsourcing, comlpex HR solutions, coaching and training. Our team make huge efforts to fit for our clients' needs on a daily basis, and to provide them our very best, a prime service. We are fast, qualitative and professional.


Linea Duna CEE Kft.

Linea Duna CEE Kft. is a multidisciplinary design and engineering company based in Hungary.

It was established in 2013 as the logical symbiosis of architects, engineers and BIM (building information model) developers from throughout Europe, all of them most experienced in their domain. Our company believes strongly in the concept of integrated design for building projects to cope with different targets of today's demands. BIM is a tool not only to realise these projects, but also to manage them throughout their entire lifecycle. We are committed to create Europe's leading CAFM solutions, assistance and consultancy by using the most up-to-date BIM technology.

As a supporting partner in collaboration with architects, engineers, building operators, real estate developers and construction companies, we manage your projects into perfection.

  • Address: H-4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 40.


OTIS Eleveator Co.

Otis Elevator Company is the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people- moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Otis is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. Otis Felvonó Kft. is the Hungarian subsidiary of Otis Elevator Company.

Otis at a Glance:

People: Approximately 61,000 employees, with 53,000 outside the United States
Revenue: US $12.4 billion in 2011, of which 83 percent was generated outside the United States
Installed Base: Approximately 2.5 million Otis elevators and escalators in operation worldwide
Service Base: More than 1.8 million elevators and escalators serviced worldwide
Countries: Products offered in more than 200 countries and territories
Manufacturing: Major manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia
Engineering and Test Centers: Engineering facilities in the United States, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea and Spain. Company’s two tallest elevator test towers located in Shibayama, Japan (505 feet or 154 meters above ground; 89 feet or 27 meters below ground) and Bristol, Conn., United States (384 feet or 117 meters above ground).


OTP Travel - Silver Travel Agency - SILVER Travel Centre Ltd.

The full range of tourist services, organising exhibitions and events.


PROFEKTA Tanácsadó Kft.  – Szabó-Csécsi Anikó pályázati szaktanácsadó


Randstad Hungary Ltd.

Randstad is Hungary's largest recruitment company with its innovative services shaping the world of work more than a decade.

We are constantly researching the changes in the labor market, we are lecturers and participants of professional events. Positions vary on a wide scale. From fresh graduates to top management level we are dealing with jobseekers. Our task on the one hand is better understanding of hundreds of our business partners from the professional and the human side, on the other hand, finding the most talented candidates based on the needs of our partners.

  • Phone: 06/1/300-6688
  • E-mail: debrecen@randstad.hu
  • Website: www.randstad.hu



  • Address: H-4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 40. II/5-6.
  • Phone: +36 52 212 180 
  • Fax: +36 52 212 181 
  • E-mail: p.rigo@ro-sys.h
  • Website: www.ro-sys.hu


HuCom Telekom Kft.

  • Address: 4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 42.


Ökopharma Kft.

  • Address: 4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 42.


STEELCORP Metalworking Ltd.

Manufacturing metal structures and buildings, metal surface treatment, metalworking, manufacturing tools, water, gas, heating and HVAC system installation, accounting, tax expert and engineering business activity, business administration counselling.

  • Headquarters: H-1204 Budapest, Tátra tér 1.
  • Address: H-4029 Debrecen, Csapó u. 42.

Offices rental

Debrecen room for 50-60 people (2nd floor)
Training room for 18-20 people (3rd floor)
3rd floor,36-85 m2 office spaces