Administrative, business administration
and counselling services

I. Administrative services:

  • printing from computers, table processing
  • use of personal computers
  • faxing
  • e-mailing
  • photocopying
Virtual officeOffice services

II. Virtual office and headquarters services: 

  • administrative services available for clients,
  • use of the address of the business center for company registration and as business address,
  • displaying company signboard is available.

III. IT and communication services:

  • broadband internet
  • appearing on the website

IV. Accounting consultation

V. Legal consultation, setting up businesses

VI. Trade development, organizing business trips and study visits

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Offices rental

Debrecen room for 50 people (2nd floor)
Training room for 18-20 people (3rd floor)
Főépületben III. emeleti 42,71 és 27,63 m² alapterületű, egymás mellett lévő irodák
Főépület udvarán 60 m² alapterületű helyiség