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Megnyugvás a szemnek

Meglehetősen vegyes képet mutat az a debreceni belvárosi csomópont, amely mellé China Tibor tervezett iroda- és lakófunkciójú épületet. A belső kerttel és átriummal is rendelkező épület tömegével és felületeivel igyekszik nyugalmat teremteni a vizuálisan és forgalmi szempontból is túlterhelt környezetben.


Főnix Incubator House
and Business Centre

Főnix Incubator House is located in the center of Debrecen in a frequented business environment, which is easy to approach, in the neighborhood of Fórum Shopping and Entertainment Centre. Thus, it has excellent infrastructure besides its favourable rental conditions.

Főnix Incubation House and Business Centre

Our services

  • Business premises rental (office, business premises, exhibition room, storage room, other premises)
  • Conference, training and negotiation room rental suitable for holding up to 60 people
  • Administrative, business administration and counselling services

Főnix Incubation House and Business Centre

István Annus, Chairman of the Association of Enterprise Incubators

For businesses and institutions

The Incubator House provides facilities for businesses, who:

  • would like to rent business premises, office, storage room or any other type of premises for a discounted fee and flexible renting conditions;
  • do not have an own easily approachable place to operate their business or suitable office technology or communication devices;
  • need counselling, different administrative and business services for their business operation or enterprise;
  • would like to take advantage of the business opportunities of cooperation.

Főnix Incubation House and Business Centre Debrecen

Other domestic and international businesses are also welcome, who would like to invest in the region and establish premises or headquarters in the most dynamically developing environment of Debrecen.

The incubation contributes to the development of a structured business environment, minimises the initial obstacles around new business enterprises and provides foundation for the opportunity and direction of the development of the existing enterprises, as well as promotes the cooperation between enterprises.

Rooms to let

Debrecen room for 50-60 people (2nd floor)
Training room for 18-20 people (3rd floor)
An office space with 25 m2, 28 m2, 17,22 m2,10,46 m2, 22,80 m2,19,02 m2, 14,25 m22 is available on the 2nd floor (total: 137 m2)
3rd floor, 300 m2 premises (IT specific design)